We guarantee the best quality
and our flexible approach

We print, cut, crease, foliate,
fold, mill, paste,
advise, suggest, create...

and all this to make your idea,
even the most improbable one, reality

We are precise,
creative and versatile

We make your ideas
come true

We print without any limits on
each and every material

Cotton, glass, wood,
metal or aluminum
(no matter which fabric)
for sure we can overprint it
for you and we will do it
the best way possible

We use checked,
grandma's methods
in innovative ways
and combine them with
pioneering technologies

Daringly, we experiment
to create new solutions


We will deal
with every format,
material or technique

Thanks to photorealistic quality
of even large-format work,
we are able to create
lifelike picture of the Eiffel
tower. Mega boards or banners
are not a problem for us.


There is nothing impossible for us!

Krüger Plus, ul. Gnieźnieńska 26/28, Janikowo k. Poznania, 62-006 Kobylnica ✉ ☎ +48 501 780 568