Print matters

We print without any restrictions on all materials

If you have ever encountered KRÜGER PLUS AND CONCORDIA PRINT printing houses, then you have heard for sure that we print on everything. We are not scared of such promises, because, even if the project seems impossible to carry out, we always find the way. We are experimenting boldly and continuously looking for the most perfect technologies. We carry out equipment tests all over the world and find, so far unknown, usage of our machines.

Our founders Bartek Krüger and Darek Skrzypczak have been learning the secrets of printing art since their early childhood. On the Old Market in Poznan, in the printing house, which belonged to Bartek's grandma, they were learning, under her watchful eye, how to pile the paper perfectly. Decades ago we were printing occasional cards there. Today, in the downtown Poznan and Janikowo (next to Poznan), we carry out unique Europe's-scale projects. We can't and don't want to constrain our services, that's why you will not find offers in subsections, but we are waiting for you and your projects. You will tell us what you need and we will choose the best method possible to make your ideas reality.

Why us?

  • We are precise
  • We are creative
  • We are fast
  • We are versatile

Krüger Plus, ul. Gnieźnieńska 26/28, Janikowo k. Poznania, 62-006 Kobylnica ✉ ☎ +48 501 780 568